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Apple Mac Repair Manchester

apple mac repair manchester

Mac Repair Manchester can offer some top quality repair support services.

Backed by 20 years experience in the Apple Computer sector, we emphasis a

customers comes first  agenda.
We are able to offer support in a wide range of areas. This is in both Software and Hardware as the two go side by side. The software side is backed by Apple Certification and a close connection with Apple's Training Departments. Experience in using Macintoshes in the workplace is also  a feature of our support so practical advice can be given as well.

Hardware support is backed by years of experience in repairing Apple machines of all ages, sizes and requirements. The earliest machine repaired here was a Macintosh SE and the most recent have been quad-core Desktop machines.

We also cover Ashton-under-Lyne, Salford, Stockport, Macclesfield,Wilmslow, Bury, Rochdale, Oldham, Heywood, Bolton, Stalybridge, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington and Barnhall,  Blackburn, Bolton, Stockport, Oldham, Wigan, Warrington, Rochdale,  St Helens, and Preston.

A Selection Of Recent Jobs 

1) I'm looking to upgrade the RAM in my mac. It's a 2006 Mac mini 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, currently with 1GB memory and a 120GB hard drive. I believe I can upgrade to a maximum of 2Gb and looking at online instructions I don't fancy doing it myself! Is this a service you offer, and if so could you quote me a price? Also, if I can upgrade to more than 2Gb, could you quote on that as well?

2) Mac Mini not finding a boot disc. It will not boot from DVD either. It tries to start, grey screen appears then fails to black screen with white letters asking for boot disc. Holding down C, D or alt have no affect.

3) Hi, iv recently had hard drive failure and had my hard drive replaced by apple under my warranty. I requested the taken out hard drive back to see if i can get my data recovered. I was wondering if this was possible and around how much would it cost? I am in Manchester city centre.

4) I am in Manchester and having a problem with my macbook loading. It turns on but doesnt get any further than the load up screen with the timer. Before i last turned it off I performed a software update which required me to restart, which i did. Once it came back on, it started to install before loading and then crashed in the middle of installing. I turned it off again and now when i try to turn it on it wont get any further than the loading page with the timer. Can you help? I am not in manchester at the moment but will be travelling back on sunday.

5) After noticeable damage to the casing around the screen of my Macbook Pro which has been gradually worsening for months (cracks at either side of the aluminium), upon shutting it yesterday and re-opening it, the screen failed to come back on, remaining black. I tried turning it off then on via the power button, and while it does seem to be working normally, the screen will not come on at all, it stays completely black. I'm looking to have repair work done on it ASAP, as my sister needs it fixed for when she leaves the country on Friday(April 9th). Is there a Manchester location which I would be able to bring it in to be looked at/fixed as soon as possible? I live in the Central Manchester area.

6) I have tried to replace my iphones battery (3g) and I think I haven't put it back together properly and it's now not working, I don't think I have damaged anything. Can you give me an estimate on cost to put it back together working on the premise thats the only thing that's wrong and it isn't damaged - also lead time for this - obviously should the set be damaged the quote would be different - reply by email as my Iphone is my main contact and it's out of action. I am in Bolton.

7) I have a Macbook pro 17 (2 yrs old). The screen stopped working today as in it does not have any power going to it now. (The mac logo is not lightning now.) The computer boots up fine (can hear the audio) and boots to the login screen etc.. so the computer is fine. I am going to guess either one of the cables feeding power is not connected right or the screen is not funcitoning. Please could you advise on a course of action, eta and cost to resolve this issues as soon as possible. I am in Manchester I require the computer for my work.

8) Hi Folks! Manchester dude here! 3 Issues with sick Mac. 1. The battery thing. Can't use as laptop - crashes as soon as mains disconnected but out of warranty/recall2. Problems with CD - can't upload music CD's to iTunes - does a couple of tracks then wont respond then hell of a job to eject CD. 3. Fan has just started cutting in when machine only running a few minutes.OSX 10.4.11MacBook Pro. About 5 years old.How much to take a look at it for me? Would you be able to come out to the centre of Manchester or would I have to drop off?? My partner wants me to convert to a PC. HELP!!!!!!!!! Anything but that :-)

Services Offered



  • OS X Support
  • Logic Board Repairs
  • Macbook Screen LCD Repair / Replacement 
  • Hardware / Components Upgrades
  • Replace Laptop Keyboard & Trackerpad
  • Power Issues
  • Apple Macintosh Networking
  • Bootcamp Microsoft Windows Support
  • Replacement Laptop Casing
  • Powermac G5 Processor Replacement   
  • Data Recovery
  • style="font-size: xx-small;">General LCD Replacement 
  • iBook G4 & G3 Harddrive Replacement 
  • Mac Pro Ram Upgrades
  • Virus Removal
  • Classic OS 9 Support & Upgrade Help 
  • Liquid, Spill, And Water Damage Macbook Laptops 
  • Apple Mac Sound Issues & No Sound
  • Apple Mac Maintenance 
  • Apple Airport & Time Capsule Support
  • Powerbook G4 DC Power In Repair
  • Mac Mini Full Upgrades
  • Apple TV Problems & Troubleshooting 
  • OS X Server Installations 
  • iMac Graphics Card Faults 
  • Faulty Graphics Card Repair 
  • iPhone Glass Replacement 
  • iPad Repairs
  • iPad Glass Replacement
  • iPod Repairs
  • iPod Nano Repair
  • Windows 7 Integration 
  • Home Installations & Setup 
  • Full Macintosh Diagnostic 
  • Wireless Problems 
  • iPhone 4 Repair
  • Mac Mini Unibody Repair 


Apple Mac Repair Manchester

Are you looking for a reliable Apple Mac Engineer or Workshop in Manchester that can help you solve any problem that you might be having with your Apple product?  We have Experienced and Certified Technicians that can perform any required repairs, maintenance, installation or upgrades of Apple desktop computers, and at a Realistic Price!


High quality Mac repair service in the Manchester & Bolton, expert repairs and support for Apple Mac computers, laptops – We also repair iPods, iPhones and iPads

Our Apple Mac Repairs specialists provide Apple repair services on a wide range of Apple products, including:Macbook - Macbook Pro - Macbook Air - iMac intel - iMac G5 - iMac G4 - Powerbook G4 - iBook G4 - iBook G3 - Mac Mini - Powermac G5 - Powermac G4 - iPad - iPod - iPod Nano - iPhone 3G - iPhone 3GS - Xserve - Macbook 15" 13" 17" - Macbook Pro Unibody - Apple TV - Mac Pro - Apple iPhone 4 - Mac Mini Unibody - iPod Shuffle.

Our Apple IT Professionals in Manchester  offer support and repairs for many of your Apple related problems, for example:

Graphics Card - Black Screen - Blue Screen - Flashing Folder On Start Up - Battery Not Charging - Hard Drive Is Clicking - LCD Screen Is Broken - Liquid Damage - Water Damage - Vertical Line On Screen - Broken Case - Cracked Case - No Power - Broadband Problems - AIr Port Problems - Wireless Problems - Spilt Liquid - Sound Problems - Slow Computer - Dropped Laptop - Email Problems - Keyboard Problems - Trackerpad Problem - Virus Problems - Bootcamp Installation Problems - Ram Problem - Flashing Front Light on Macbook - Mac is Beeping - Laptop Is Getting Very Hot - Broken Fan - Faulty Logic Board - Broken Macbook Glass - Broken iPod Glass - Broken iPod Screen - New iPod Battery - Broken iPad Screen - Broken iPhone Screen - Upgrade OS X - Upgrade OS Classic 9 - Data Recovery - Apple Server Support Repairs - Home & Office Installations - Macbook Repair.